live Reel // Filmed by Cal Paige Media // Nolan Koskela-Staples on bass

The Late Night Losers are a Gainesville, Florida-based indie rock band formed in 2021. Comprising lead singer Thomas Allain, guitarist Jacob Weldon, and drummer Wilson Gaberino (and joined by Nolan Kosekela-Staples or Clay Dixon on bass), the Losers craft what they call "sentimental indie groove rock". Characterized by introspective lyrics and infectious melodies, their music is guaranteed to remain floating through your head and keep your toes tapping.

Inspired by their favorite genre-benders: Death Cab for Cutie, Hippo Campus, The Black Keys, and Manchester Orchestra, The Late Night Losers have crafted their own unique musical identity that could have only been forged in the swampy student-apartments of the University of Florida and birthed in the backyards of Gainesville rental-house ragers.

Working alongside renowned music producer Dan Hannon, the band has refined their sound, reaching new heights with their double-single  At the End of the Road  (2023). Despite their recent formation, The Late Night Losers have made waves, captivating audiences throughout the southeast and Florida with their electrifying and dynamic live performances at famed venues like Atlanta’s Smith’s Olde Bar and the High Dive in Gainesville. The future holds an ever-growing fanbase for these Losers and an upcoming debut EP that showcases their talent and artistic growth.